– Microsoft Office comes with a complete list of productivity apps and programs that makes us more productive in today’s world. It provides several programs and tools to connect with colleagues and office clients like Skype, MS Teams, MS Outlook, SharePoint or OneDrive, etc. The Office setup is widely used for various tasks such as making attractive presentations, creating large spreadsheets, performing calculations, and more.

If you want to opt for the Microsoft Office subscription, then visit You can also get Office suites from online retailers like Amazon and Best Buy.

Account creation is not a complicated task as you need to tap the Sign-up button and follow the prompts.

Redeem Office Product Key –

The product key is of 25 digits code which helps in getting Office apps from site. To redeem the Office product key, purchase a copy of Office or retail card. You can redeem the product key with following instructions;

redeem office setup product key
redeem office setup product key

If you get the key online;

Purchase the key from online stores or official store. During the purchase, you will get the key to your email. Hence, locate the key;

  • Open the email you registered that you used during purchase.
  • Open the received mail from the inbox.
  • Look for the keycode on the shown display and copy it.
  • Paste the key on the page’s field and register the software.

If you get the key from the retailer;

Go to a nearby retailer and ask for the Office product retail card. Then redeem it with below steps;

  • Open card packaging and Find the key from its instructions key.
  • Scratch the hidden code shown as XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX from card’s backside.
  • Redeem the key at the page through the relevant field.
  • On the successful redeem, download and install the office product setup.

Step 2 – Open your browser and visit the site.

Step 3 – Sign in to the office account. Hence, enter the account details and click Sign In.

Step 4 – To download the software, click on the Install Office button on the home page.

Step 5 – Choose the version to install the Office appliance on your device. 

Step 6 – It will start downloading on your computer.

Wait for complete download and start the installation.  

Get Office On Mobile Devices –

One can get the Office app for mobile phones from as well as from the app store. The Office is compatible and available for Android and iOS. Also, one can get a single app separately or the complete Office with all the apps. To get the app, follow below instructions;

Office for Android –

With Intel x86 processor and 1 GB memory based android phones, follow below steps to get the Office app;    

Step 1 – Go Google Play Store of your android. 

Step 2 – Search Microsoft Office or the separate product name like MS Excel. Then, click INSTALL. 

Step 3 – Allow the permission if asked and wait until you see the Open option.

Step 4 – Click on the Open tab and proceed next.

Step 5 – Now, enter the login details of the MS Office account. 

Step 6 – In case, you want advanced features and have no subscription, then purchase a plan or click on May Be Later.

Step 7 – You can add another account by tapping Open >> Add a Place >>Choose the cloud service.

Step 8 – Now, Complete the installation. Then, use the app.

Office for iOS – 

For iPad® and iPhone®12.0 or later, follow below instructions to get the latest version of Office application; 

Step 1 – Open the Apple app store on your iOS.

Step 2 – Search for Microsoft office or separate apps like Microsoft word.

Step 3 – Tap Get, then start the installation. 

Step 4 – Now, open the app you downloaded. 

Step 5 – Login to your MS Office account.

Step 6 – Next, tap NEXT and buy a plan if you want to use subscription features. Otherwise, you can tap on Maybe later button.

Step 7 – Select the answer and tap YES or NO. Wait for adding the Office. 

Step 8 – You can add another account. Therefore, tap OPEN, and tap ADD A PLACE next. In the case of the OneNote app, tap on the SETTINGS option. Then, tap Accounts and add another account.

Step 9 – Now, enter the mail address and password to login to service.